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Anise and Tokunaga by Kooriesque
Anise and Tokunaga
Anise and Tokunaga from Tales of the Abyss! :)

The original sketch for this was done in 2013. And last year I decided to do some experimental coloring with it (no lineart, which I never do for my digital art), in which most of the coloring was done. 

AND IN 2015, I FINALLY FINISH IT. *Cries tears of blood.*

Anyway, let me tell you something: I LOVE ANISE AND TOKUNAGA.

Solo for Kara by Kooriesque
Solo for Kara
I owed my friend a drawing as an exchange, and then she wanted it colored and then paid me to do
A friend's OC!
Tales of Xillia 2: 1 More Day! by Kooriesque
Tales of Xillia 2: 1 More Day!
I participated in the Tales of Xillia 2 countdown on tumblr and this is my contribution.

Tomorrow is the grand day! Are you excited?

I had other plans/sketches, but ran out of time. Maybe they'll appear at a later date. ;D
This was my first time at AnimeNEXT and my first time in the Artist Alley for a larger con (another con I've done AA in is really small in comparison), so I wasn't sure of what to expect, but I made it through! And I've learned a bit about what I can do/should do/etc (or vice versa). It was a great experience.

And thank you to anyone who stopped by our table (GlitteringLoke and I's) and buying from us! We greatly appreciate it. :D

I was always SUPER excited when Pandora Hearts fans bought something from me (ESPECIALLY THE PERSON WHO BOUGHT MY RUFUS PRINT, SUPER EXCITE, BECAUSE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!) Actually I think I was the ONLY artist who was selling anything Pandora Hearts? According to some of my buyers. :heart: I was also excited to make DRAMAtical Murder, Tales of, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) fans happy! ;D

Highlights of my Weekend

:bulletpurple: A friend I don't get to see often came to the con with us!

:bulletpurple: The Rookiez is Punk'D concert and autograph session afterwards! I got a CD case autographed a US Limited CD of their anime songs.

:bulletpurple: The voice actor panel with Matthew Mercer and Josh Grelle! They are HILARIOUS and really cool people. XD

:bulletpurple: The Voice Actors After Dark panel with Matthew Mercer and Josh Grelle (AGAIN HILARIOUS AND REALLY COOL), my friend asked Matthew Mercer what shampoo and conditioner he uses for his hair (Head & Shoulders because he wears a lot of black, and no conditioner other his hair goes BLAH, apparently XD)

:bulletpurple: THIS PHOTO WITH MATT MERCER and him autographing the pre-order Fire Emblem artbook with part of Chrom's proposal in Fire Emblem: Awakening "You are the wind at my back..." LMAO. (btw the pose in that picture is one of the battle end things Alvin and Leia do together in Tales of Xillia).

:bulletpurple: Giving GlitteringLoke and I's gifts to Matthew Mercer (mine was a bottle cap charm of Chrom I made for my AA table, and friend's was a cross-stitched charm of the Mark of Naga from FE: Awakening), he also signed my Tales of Xillia case next to Alvin. ;>

:bulletpurple: Getting my Ludger, Julius, and Lulu poster signed by Josh Grelle (he's voicing Ludger!) and seeing him being super excited about it he was like "I HAVE THIS POSTER TOO!! ISN'T IT AWESOME!?" I told him to sign it with anything he'd like about tomatoes (because Ludger LOVES tomatoes), so he had Ludger saying "Tomato Powa!!". XD

:bulletpurple: I also went and talked to several other artists in the Artist Alley on Sunday and they were super nice and I had fun talking with them! ;A; And I bought a few things (a really cute gentleman Octopus with a top hat, mustache and monocle) and a button of Makishima from Yowamushi Pedal! Oh yeah I also bought a really cute Magi bag that had chibi Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana from AA! :> I of course took business cards from a lot of other artists.
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So excited to follow you,  simply love your art!  Youre such a gifted artist!  <3
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Awww, thank you! That's so sweet! (*ノωヾ*)
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Haii!!!! Its the girl who cosplayed as a wolf from Tigercon! You drew one of my OC's
Kooriesque Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey!! How's it goin? XD Sorry I'm so slow responding. I often forget to use DA...oops.
I actually realized later, that I forgot to take a picture of it just so I'd have it....I always do that...XD
Thanks again for commissioning me!
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